What's Included with your FREE Membership?

Building Your Business the AMSE™️ Way Coursework – a $9,500+ value 

  • 7 Units and 65 Modules with step-by-step, bite-sized lessons paired with downloads and printable sheets for you to start implementing new knowledge right away. 
  • Come away with a realistic business plan and confidence to move forward building your business.
  • Access to mentors and coaches corner to ask questions.
  • Tangible checklist and resources you need for your business.

Early Access to AMSE™️ Campaigns and Events – a $799+ Value 

  • Early access to view upcoming events! 
  • The privilege of being able to apply early! This is great for events with limited capacity. Once it’s filled, it's filled! 
  • Members also get sneak peeks at upcoming corporate campaigns. So be the first to know!

Monthly Virtual Coworking  – a $499+ Value

  • A monthly virtual event where you have the opportunity to work live with other military spouse entrepreneurs AND coaches!
  • Bounce ideas off of each other, ask questions, make connections, and collaborate! 
  • Stop working in an isolated environment.
  • Be surrounded by some of the most amazing military spouse entrepreneurs from all over the globe.
  • Ask questions in a trusted, safe environment.
  • Make connections - teamwork makes the DREAM work!

Blueprints + Frameworks – a $5,999+ Value 

  • Actual tools you can print and work through for your business to help you find gaps in your business and focus on your needs.
  • Checklists that show in black and white what you have and what you need.
  • Worksheets to work through ideas and key components of your business.
  • Templates to help you build the things you need, like pitch decks and media kits. 

Local AMSE™️ Community Chapters – a $699+ Value

  • 8 chapters (and growing!) led by local milspouse entrepreneurs.
  • Quarterly meetings/workshops 
  • Expert presentations 
  • In-person networking and local connections with the community to expand business opportunities

The Private AMSE™️ Slack Channel – a $499+ Value 

  • Our private Slack channel where you can come to collaborate and connect!
  • A safe space just for you and your fellow military spouses.
  • Topics and threads broken down, even by communities or professions sorted by thread-FIND YOUR PEOPLE!
  • Ask your questions to real people who are doing exactly what you are doing. Adios, internet rabbit hole!

AMSE™️ Masterclasses  – a $4,500+ Value

  • High-touch Masterclasses taught by industry experts and global partners – many of whom are also military spouses or veterans!
  • The information you need in online classes that are easy to digest.
  • Practical knowledge and tools to immediately apply to your business.
  • The convenience of taking the class on YOUR schedule.
  • Watch LIVE for a chance to ask YOUR questions to the expert!.

The AMSE™️ Vault – a $4,999+ Value 

  • Discounted local and national events and conferences for military spouses and small business owners.
  • Our favorite tools to run and support your business-including some with EXCLUSIVE AMSE™️ discounts!
  • Downloads from some of our industry partners.
  • Access to discounted and scholarship programs, accelerators, and incubators to support you in your business.

Vetted and Trusted AMSE™️ Resources Partners and Programs – a $399 + Value

  • AMSE has sourced and vetted the best resources RIGHT HERE! 
  • Local and national entrepreneurial and small business support organizations and programs
  • Additional support organizations that only military spouses would need or understand, like Mission License (for pesky licensing transfers after a PCS), Military Spouse Advocacy Network (when you just need another spouse mentor to support you), or In-Dependent (because health and wellness in this lifestyle are crucial).

So what’s standing in the way of you joining AMSE™️?

AMSE™️ will not only give you access to tools, support, and resources needed to guide your journey of entrepreneurship. We will also give you the one-on-one connections you need.  The AMSE™️ community will surround you and support you every single step of the way.

What's holding you back? Is it

  • Fear?
  • Suspicion?
  • Self-doubt?
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